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NBA Career of Derek Smith

NBA Career of Derek Smith

Los Angeles Clippers were close to winning over Chicago Bulls in an exciting NBA game in November 1984 with a result 100:104 at the end. Derek Smith gained 33 points and was one of the best players in the game. By skills and talent, he was close to overthrown Michael Jordan and take the lead. Chicago Bulls succeed to go to finals after an exciting game, but with a lot of luck and uncertainty. LA Clippers and Derek Smith finished the competition, but they were partially satisfied due to the equality with a great NBA club such was Chicago Bulls at that time. He was considered the greatest potential and possible NBA star, however, the life wanted something different.

Derek Smith used different styles of training with their teams in both cases like a player and like coach. They ran often in order to increase the physical condition and speed. They train the accuracy by constant shooting from different distances to the basket, and that’s what a really useful exercise in the long run. Derek used the gym with his teammates when they want to increase their strength. They did it by developing muscles on the entire body but focused especially on arms, legs, and stomach. The team was really into different styles of training to try and increase not only their precision, but also to improve their reflexes. From training in the water to training on mixed martial arts equipment they did it all. He even got into the habit of training on a speed bag and a free standing boxing bag in the mornings and evenings, as it greatly improved his precision and fast twitch reflexes, which were the two main skills he was trying to improve.

Derek Smith – The Beginning 

the beginning training workout NBA career

Derek Smith was born in Hogansville, Georgia on November 1, 1961. He spent the entire childhood in the area and played basketball more than often. That’s how he started to build the basketball skills. In Derek’s case, it began from an early age, when he was a little kid. He later continues to play more seriously when he joined Hogansville High School basketball team where he attended the classes.

That’s how Derek’s professional carer started developing. It was clear from the beginning he was born to play that sport which was noticed by the school officials and authorities. But that was just the beginning. Derek was quite ambitious, he wanted to finish college as well while playing the basketball at the same time. After successful completion of Hogansville High School, Derek joined the University of Lousiana and started to play for their college basketball team, known as Cardinals.

From the first year, his clubs began to defeat opponents clubs, so they won the NCAA championship by eliminating UCLA with a result of 59 against 54. But the college basketball team playing is always limited until a player finishes the studies, so the same was in Derek’s case as well. He played for the university until 1982



Hoosier-to-be Shaw unknown no longer – 4/16/05

Scott County’s 7-foot-2 Jared Carter, who competed in the Two-on-Two Tournament last night, signed with Kentucky this week. “I’m sealed and delivered,” he said. “It’s a big relief to get this off my shoulders.” (SAM UPSHAW JR., THE COURIER-JOURNAL)

adidas May Classic News

JuJuan Spillman, the two-sport star (football and basketball) from Louisville PRP, was one of the quickest players on the court all weekend, and 6-5 Frankfort guard Tory Robertson was fun to watch. The team has some size with 6-6 Jacob Bream from Male, 6-7 Brennan Votel from Covington Catholic and 6-9 Charlie Gonzalez from Trinity. It was also nice to see Fairdale gridiron star Maurice Grinter on the court. He plays bigger than his 6-3 frame

Rondo Want Senior Year At Oak Hill
All-State basketball player Rajon Rondo will leave Kentucky for his senior year of high school. He told The Courier-Journal yesterday that he has filled out his application to attend Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va.. He’s awaiting word that he has been accepted. The 6-foot-2 guard, who played three seasons at Eastern High School, said he expects to be at Oak Hill school next year. Rondo, who averaged 27.6 points a game as a junior, was a member of The C-J’s All-State first team and was the Seventh Region Player of the Year. (The Courier Journal) 

5/9/03 – The K.B.F. Staff would like to give a special Thanks The Kentuckiana Fellowship of Christian Athletes for coming over and sharing about Jesus Christ and the greatest story ever told at Executive Inn East/West game where over 180 players got to showcase their skills.
Most people do not know it but the Fellowship of Christian Athletes was founded by an old basketball coach in the 1950’s at Oklahoma State University.


Ross Nelter pictured with his dad was named 2003 Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball and was also the leading vote getter for the All-Star Squad. In November Ross Neltner signed with L.S.U. and is seen here with his Dad at the 2002 A.B.C.D. camp in New Jersey.



The K.B.F. staff would like to thank The Darrell Griffith Foundation for his support in 2003 and giving back to the community. Thanks Griff.